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Thank you for your interest in our school.
Please read the instructions CAREFULLY & COMPLETELY and gather all supplemental materials (with clear images) for the document submission steps and follow the instructions below. Here is a quick checklist for your reference as you work through these steps! (Each step is discussed in detail on the following pages & and there are multiple options for submission)

Your application WILL BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE when we have received all of the documents, including Teacher Recommendation Forms. ALL OF THE FORMS must be received in our office as soon as possible, but no later than April 1. All of the forms are downloadable OR available as a fillable .pdf below and may be submitted right here!

It is highly recommended that you look around our website and watch our videos to get a feel for our school community. If you are invited to test and interview, we will look for thoughtful and relevant questions and responses from you that show interest and an understanding of what we value.

We look forward to reviewing your application!

Director of Admissions

Emilly Jasso


Gracias por su interés en nuestra escuela.Por favor lea las instrucciones CUIDADOSAMENTE Y COMPLETAMENTE y reúna todos los materiales suplementarios (con imágenes claras) para los pasos de envío de documentos y siga las instrucciones a continuación. Aquí hay una lista de verificación rápida para su referencia a medida que trabaja en estos pasos. (Cada paso se analiza en detalle en las páginas siguientes y hay varias opciones para enviar)

Su solicitud SE CONSIDERARÁ COMPLETA cuando hayamos recibido todos los documentos, incluidos los Formularios de recomendación del maestro. TODOS LOS FORMULARIOS deben recibirse en nuestra oficina lo antes posible, pero a más tardar el 1 de Abril. ¡Todos los formularios se pueden descargar o están disponibles como .pdf rellenable a continuación y pueden enviarse aquí mismo!

Se recomienda encarecidamente que mire nuestro sitio web y vea nuestros videos para familiarizarse con nuestra comunidad escolar. Si lo invitan a realizar una prueba y una entrevista, buscaremos preguntas y respuestas reflexivas y relevantes de usted que demuestren interés y comprensión de lo que valoramos

¡Esperamos a revisar su aplicación!

Directora de Admisiones

Emilly Jasso

  • ZStep 1: Apply

Click here for our online application.

  • ZStep 2: Collect Documents
  • Income Tax Return (most recent)
  • TWO years of STAAR or other test scores (most recent)
  • TWO years of report cards (current semester enrollment & complete report from previous school year)
  • ZStep 3: Write Essays

TWO handwritten essays using the prompts provided below:

  • Page count: 2-3 per essay
  • Use provided lined essay template at the end of this section

The Admissions Committee is interested in your life/background/culture/learning style, so please tailor your responses with personal stories that will help us get to know you and remember to be thoughtful, creative, and provide plenty of details.


  1. What does the word gratitude mean to you and how is this evident in your life?
  2. Have you ever connected with a character (fictional or non-fictional) that has influenced you? (Please explain)
  3. What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to your friendships?
  4. Why do you want to attend Chinquapin, and how do you think this opportunity will help you reach your future goals and dreams?
  5. What issues do you see in your community or in the world (i.e. injustice on any level)? What are you already doing, or what would you do to actively change/challenge it?

Download Essay Template

Fillable Essay Form

  • ZStep 4: Request Teacher Recommendations Forms

THREE Teacher Recommendations are required. It is good practice to talk with your teacher about why you are applying to Chinquapin and to expect your teacher to take about 4-6 weeks to send their recommendation form to us. Please plan ahead. Your application is NOT COMPLETE until we have received these THREE forms.

  • 2 Academic Core teachers (Math, Science, English, History) who know you and your strengths
  • 1 Special Interest teacher (Coach, Community/Troop/Religious Leader, STEM Special/Electives, Visual or Performing Arts Teacher) who knows you and your strengths

Ask your teachers to email the form directly to Chinquapin Preparatory School using the email address on the form



Download CORE TEACHER Recommendation PACKET

 Fillable CORE TEACHER Recommendation Form




Fillable SPECIAL INTEREST TEACHER Recommendation Form

  • ZStep 5: Submit Documents (from Step 2)

You have TWO OPTIONS for document submittal: EMAIL or DROP OFF

OPTION 1: EMAIL scanned attachments that are clear/in focus and labeled

  • Email:
  • Subject line: “Applicant/YOUR FULL NAME” (i.e. Applicant/EMILLY JASSO)
  • Clearly list the documents in the body of the email so we know what to look for,
  • and attach all of them to the email (taxes, STARR/other TEST score reports and /grades/transcripts)
    Wait for a verification email confirming that we have received and can clearly view your documents Email to:

OPTION 2: DROP OFF in person on our CAMPUS!

  • CALL 281-426-5551 and let us know you are coming to drop off your application
  • Set GOOGLE MAPS to Chinquapin Preparatory School or manually enter our address: 2615 E Wallisville Rd. Highlands, TX. 77562
  • Use the MAIN Entrance/on the EAST SIDE. When you arrive, the gate will be closed
  • Press the down arrows and find the “MAIN OFFICE” and press the CALL button from the gate
  • Announce yourself with “I’m here to drop off an application.”
  • You will be buzzed in/gate will open the office is the first building on your right. You may park in any open spot and walk up the stairs to the office.

The following STEPS are by invitation only

  • ZStep 6: Take Admissions Test

After Document Review, applicants will be invited to take an admissions test either online or in person. The schedule is by appointment only and testing is free. We use the Stanford 10 (math and reading) in addition to your essays to determine your initial academic profile. There will be multiple test dates from January – April. STEP 1 + STEP 2 + STEP 3 documents with the exception of Teacher Recommendation Forms must be received by Chinquapin prior to you receiving a testing date.

  • ZStep 7: Interview and/or Shadow

All applicants are required to interview virtually or in person. This may be an evening or a Saturday interview scheduled through admissions or it may be a shadow day where a prospective student spends the day on campus. You will receive an invitation.

  • ZStep 8: Summer Session

Some applicants may be invited to our Summer Session, which is held in June. Summer Session is a 4-day week of attending and even boarding at Chinquapin! Candidates attend classes, eat in our dining hall, take classes with our faculty, and also meet current students. This gives us a chance to assess your academic, social, cultural & emotional ways of being and is also a great opportunity for you to see if this would be the right school for you if accepted.

*Dependent on COVID-19 and current state of Harris County in June

  • ZStep 9: Admissions Decisions

You will hear from us no later than June 20 and will be given two weeks to sign and return your enrollment commitment contract.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS

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2615 E. Wallisville Rd.
Highlands, TX 77562

(281) 426-5551

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