While we think that the best way to fully appreciate Chinquapin is to visit our campus and talk to our students and faculty, we know that isn't always possible. Click on the video below for an overview of what we are all about.


For over 45 years, Chinquapin Prep has provided economically disadvantaged youth from the Houston area with the opportunity for a better future through education.

Our mission is to provide a high quality college-preparatory education to able and motivated youth from low-income families in the Greater Houston area. Through rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on community service and earning what one receives, we aim to produce responsible, well-educated citizens who will become constructive leaders in their communities.

The Chinquapin School was founded in 1969 by Robert Moore, a former head of the English Department at St. John's School, and his wife Maxine, with the help of a grant from The Brown Foundation, Inc. The Moores saw the need to provide incentive for students who have high potential, but limited opportunities.

In 2010, our organization officially changed its name to Chinquapin Preparatory School, to better reflect its mission. Chinquapin Prep is a non-profit college-preparatory school for grades six through twelve, primarily serving economically disadvantaged youth from the Houston area. Boys in grades seven through twelve live on campus Monday through Friday, while girls and 6th grade boys are transported daily.

"Quid pro Quo" (Something for Something) is Chinquapin Prep's motto, and is lived daily as students give time and effort to the school in return for the opportunity to receive quality education in a caring, family-oriented environment. The purpose of the school is to produce responsible, educated citizens and leaders who can become positive role models in their community. Today, 20 full-time teachers live on-campus to educate a student body of around 150. Bob and Maxine Moore's original vision is carried forth under the guidance of the Board of Trustees and the school's director, Dr. Laura Henry.



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