Barton R. Bentley "I love Chinquapin’s mission to provide a college prep education to smart, motivated low income kids. Even better, however, is that Chinquapin is incredibly successful in fulfilling this mission with a 100% college acceptance rate (of which over 85% have obtained 4 year degrees) over the history of the school, and producing future leaders in their communities."

- Barton R. Bentley, President of the Board of Trustees


Sam Bowen, Jr. "As a second generation Chinquapin board member, I am humbled to be able to support such a fantastic institution. The students I have met over the years are reminders that we are not limited by our circumstances if we believe in what we can accomplish. Our students show true grit."

- Sam Bowen, Jr., Board Member


Jennifer S. Pickering "The first time I stepped onto the Chinquapin campus, I knew that I had arrived at a special place. Since that time 10 years ago, I have enjoyed getting to know our amazing students and faculty. It has been such an inspiration to watch the students succeed, not only while at Chinquapin but as they have gone to college. Chinquapin Prep is changing the lives of its students and their families forever!"

- Jennifer S. Pickering, Board Member


Ethel Hutcheson  "Every time I have an opportunity to visit with a Chinquapin student, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be even a small part in what Chinquapin is accomplishing."

- Ethel Hutcheson, Board Member

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