Student Working on a Science Lab Assignment

Our college preparatory curriculum is predicated on the belief that certain abilities are of major importance: to reason carefully and logically, to think creatively and sensitively, and to communicate precisely and articulately. The program seeks to encourage curiosity, openness, and the joy of discovery that leads to a life-long enthusiasm for learning.


Program of Study


6th Grade
English, Language Arts, Social Studies (Ancient Civilizations), Mathematics, Integrated Science I, Skills I, Introduction to Art, Introduction to Guitar


7th Grade
English, Language Arts, Social Studies (Texas History), Pre-Algebra, Integrated Science II, Skills II


8th Grade
English, Language Arts, Intro. to American History, Algebra I, Integrated Science III, Spanish I, Skills III, Intro. to Art


9th Grade
Full year courses- English I, Geometry, Biology, Spanish II or Pre-AP Spanish

Semester courses- Health, World Geography, Speech, Language Arts


10th Grade
Full year courses- English II, World History, Advanced Algebra II or Algebra I/II, Chemistry, Pre-AP Spanish or AP Spanish Language, AP Computer Science Principles


11th Grade
Full year courses- AP English Literature and Composition, AP U.S. History, Algebra II or Advanced Pre-Calculus, AP Physics, AP Spanish Language or AP Spanish Literature

Semester Courses- JR Seminar, SAT/ACT Prep


12th Grade
Full year courses- AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus or Statistics, AP Environmental Science or AP Biology, Sr Seminar/College Counseling

Semester Courses- U.S. Government, Economics, Human Geography, Teacher's Aide or Media Literacy


All students who do not participate in team sports also take Physical Education each year that are at Chinquapin.

Piano, Guitar, Choir, Studio Art, Ceramics, Journalism, Performing Arts, Speech & Debate, and Yearbook are available as one-half credit electives for 9th-12th grade students. All students must take two half-credit courses in a Fine Art.



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