Dear Friends,

Needless to say, this has been a challenging time for Chinquapin. Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters and historic rainfall had a major impact on our campus. Three classrooms and our gymnasium flooded and required considerable repair. The gym floor was saturated with water and every section had to be removed, washed, dried and reinstalled like a jigsaw puzzle. We ripped out sheet rock, carpet, and wood floors, moved a music room, repaired a roof, renovated three residences and more.

But in the darkness, great lights shine. We could not have done this alone, and the support from our Chinquapin family has been overwhelming! Board members, alumni, current students, parents, staff, and community members all gathered to help restore and repair what Harvey left. Although we have not received a report from our insurance agents, we anticipate that our costs for repairing and replacing what was damaged will total over $300,000. Our students and faculty are incredibly resilient, and we have no doubt our campus will return to its former glory.

We are also in the final stretch of our $11 million Growing Excellence Capital Campaign. We have raised $8.2 million to date which has been used to construct a new dining hall, girls’ dormitory, renovate a new administrative building, and upgrade many infrastructure needs on the campus, including an update of our drainage system which alleviated the potential of even more flooding. The storm served as a reminder that we must pursue completing this campaign to ensure that all of our buildings are up to the same excellent standards are our newest construction. Our sixth grade classroom that is currently connected to our gymnasium must be relocated next to our library where our administrative offices were previously located. With the damage that the gym sustained and the possibility of mold developing, it is an urgent necessity that we make this move. The great news is that this construction project can be done in the current school year. We know that we will need to do major renovations to the gymnasium that can only be completed during the summer when students are not on campus.

With 155 students and a $2.3 million budget, we are proud to say our school is a lean machine. The occurrence of a national disaster like Hurricane Harvey has the potential to set an organization like ours back. Instead, we choose to rise above the waters – to rebuild and emerge even stronger than before. We are proud that you are one of our loyal supporters. Because of you and others like you, our teachers that remained on campus during the flood were able to take shelter in our new dorm. Thank you from the bottom of everyone’s hearts!


Marilu Garza
Director of Development


We would like to thank all of the heroes who supported Chinquapin after the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left on our campus. Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors from across the country who came to campus or donated through the Go Fund Me. Together we are able to continue our mission #ChinquapinStrong

Hurricane Harvey Donors $1,000 and above

  • K.C. & Randa Weiner Family Fund
  • Wayne Duddlesten Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. John W. Johnson
  • Mrs. Susan D. Sarofim
  • The John M. O’Quinn Foundation
  • Siri and Lance Gilliland Charitable Fund
  • Mr. & Mrs. M. Peter Morris
  • Ruthie and Adam Miller Family Foundation
  • Ms. Jami Tullius
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Flores
  • The Junior League of Houston, Inc.
  • Ms. Kelley Nicholson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Vogt
  • Steve Hauck
  • David Weekely

Click the image below to view a slideshow of the community effort to cleanup Chinquapin!

Harvey Cleanup Gallery

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