Two of our outstanding seniors have been named Posse scholars! Posse (link) identifies students with both academic and leadership potential and partners with a number of highly regarded colleges and universities around the nation to provide these students with a four year, full tuition scholarship. Students are placed in groups of 10 - their Posse - to provide support and encouragement throughout their college career.

Jennifer Delgado

Jennifer Delgado is a Carleton College Posse member. Posse meetings provide Jennifer with the freedom to speak her mind freely and a support system. A combination of Carleton’s expertise in environmental science and the “quirky atmosphere of the students” appeals to her. “Carleton offered me a culture where I could study the effects of agriculture on drinking water in third world countries, and still be able to write/recited poetry for middle schoolers,” Jennifer expressed.

Always an insightful scholar, Jennifer feels that Chinquapin has prepared her academically but, more importantly, it has helped mold her character.

I have been at Chinquapin for six years. I have learned how to wash dishes on a large scale, shovel dirt, and clean toilets. I know these things are not pleasant, yet they all served a purpose. I cleaned dishes in order to pay back my school for the scholarship they had awarded me. I shoveled dirt to experience first hand what exactly it meant to do hard-work. Finally, I cleaned toilets, not just to please my mother at home, but to know what it feels like to work in the least ideal place. All of these experiences shaped my character from just an intellectual, to a student who is an humble, valuable leader in their community. Chinquapin saw the already bright student in me, and provided me with opportunities and experiences that molded me into the woman I am today.

Faith Hernandez

“Before Posse, I didn’t even know Wellesley existed,” recounts Faith Hernandez of her newly matched school through Posse. She cites the “Wellesley Effect,” the idea that - through education - the values of Wellesley, the spirit of Wellesley, and hard work, women can have a tangible effect on the world. Faith also loves the support of her Posse and says that she has “learned that it is much more than just a scholarship. It's a support system and family who want to see you succeed, push you to succeed, and think in ways you've never thought before.”

Faith believes that Chinquapin has fully prepared her to thrive at Wellesley.

Chinquapin has taught me that you must work hard and give your full effort in anything that you do -- whether that's an academic assignment, sports, or chores. It has also shown me that although things can get hard, bad times do not last forever. Keep pushing through. Chinquapin has also prepared me mentally and physically. Living here on campus for two years of my life has grown my independence and way that I think for myself. I do not have my mother always there to tell me what to do, what time to go to sleep, what time to take a shower, or when to do my homework. I learned how to make executive decisions on when it was the right time to spend time with my friends, and when I needed to stay in my dorm and study for a test the next day. I know that when I go to college, I'll already be one step ahead on how to deal with living on my own.

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