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CAA Scholarship Recipients

CAA Scholarship Recipients

Paola Daniela Flores ’23
$1,000 University of Houston

Eveline Perez ’23
$1,000 The University of Texas at Austin

Carson Stephens-Dick ’22
$1,000 University of Houston

Anthony Moran ’22
$1,000 University of Houston

Niyah Martin ’22
$1,000 Louisiana State University

Gustavo Vargas Valdez ’21
$1,000 University of Houston

Crystal Nair ’21
$1,000 Knox College

Rudolfo Flores ’21
$1,000 Houston Baptist University

Judith Mendoza ’20
$500 St. Edward’s University

Keiddrick Fizer ’20
$500 Colorado College

Diana Munoz ’19
$1,000 Texas State University (Honors)

Miller Galvis ’19
$1,000 Lone Star College

Samantha Gonzalez ’18
$1,000 University of North Texas

Andrea Garcia ’18
$1,000 University of Texas – San Antonio

Rudy Valencia ’17
$500 Texas A&M

Christian Garcia, ’16
$900 Georgetown University

Dezirae Gomez, ’16
$900 Bryn Mawr College

Carmen García, ’15
$400 Knox College

Héctor Guzmán ’15
$400 University of Texas at San Antonio

Melida Pérez-Errasquín, ’14
$800 University of Oklahoma

Logan Westberry, ’14
$800 University of Texas at San Antonio

Victoria German, ’13
$1,000 Texas Tech University

Nathaly Reyna, ’13
$1,400 Smith College

Otilio Rios, Jr ’12
$1,000 Oberlin College

Richard Juarez ’12
$1,000 Texas A&M University

Marissa Garcia ’11
$1,000 University of Houston

Luis Navarro ’10
$1,000 University of Houston

Javier Macias ’10
$1,000 University of Houston

Abigail Cisneros ’10
$600 Houston Baptist University

Pedro Villalobos ’09
$1,000 University of Texas San at Antonio

Leonel Garcia ’09
$1,000 St. Mary’s University

Leticia Farrera ’09
$500 St. Edward’s University

Carmen Perez ’08
$1,500 University of Texas at San Antonio

Kassandra Flores ’08
$1,000 Houston Community College

Mariela Pineda ’07
$2,000 University of St. Thomas

Jose Lopez ’07
$2,000 Northland College

Jessica Preston ’06
$2,000 Baylor University

Aracely Arrazolo ’05
$500 St. Edward’s University

Krystle Liggins ’05
$1,000 Knox College

Simon Nhial Malia ’05
$1,000 Bethany College

David Moran ’04
$1,000 University of Houston

Alan Puac ’04
$1,000 University of Houston

Aida Del Moral ’03
$1,000 Texas Lutheran University

Aira Jimenez ’03
$1,000 St. Edward’s University

David Canamar ’02
$1,000 Southwestern University

Vincent DeLeon ’02
$2,000 University of Texas at San Antonio & University of Houston

Velencia Johnson ’01
$1,000 Austin College

Oscar Ortiz ’01
$1,000 Texas A&M University

Milagros Salazar ’01
$1,000 University of Texas

Maria Estrada ’00
$1,000 St. Mary’s University

Jaime Flores ’00
$1,500 Trinity University & University of Houston

Ruth Lugo ’99
$500 Hendrix College & University of Houston

Nell Valera ’98
$1,000 Southwestern University

Lupe Navarro ’97
$400 University of Texas at Austin

Betty Orta ’96
$500 St. Edward’s University


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