Student Athletes

The Chinquapin Athletic Program continues to be an enriching outlet for our students. Our program provides various opportunities for character building and leadership roles. The skills provided by our coaches can be transferred from the field of play to all realms of leadership possibilities.

female athletesChinquapin Preparatory School is a member of the Texas Association of Private Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and participates in the following athletics:

  • JH and Varsity Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball (Fall)
  • Flag Football (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Soccer (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Cross Country (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Girls Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Track and Field (Spring)
  • Tennis (Spring)


Although the focus of Chinquapin is academic, athletics are seen as a valuable part of the school program in which students learn about competition, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-confidence. There is no cost to the students, and all students are encouraged to try out. Chinquapin prefers faculty members serve as coaches because of their greater familiarity with the student athletes.


Athletic Forms and Documents


Academic Eligibility

Because Chinquapin students’ first priority is to their academic classes, student-athletes must maintain their grades in order to play with the team. Students may become ineligible to play if either of the following two conditions occur:

  1. The student is failing one or more classes (a grade lower than 60%),
  2. The student has an overall GPA of lower than 72.5% OR
  3. The student has three Ds (60-69).

Any student deemed ineligible will not be allowed to compete in athletic events for a period of two weeks, starting on the following week. Although they are not allowed to participate in or travel to official games, the students may still practice during their probationary two weeks. After two weeks, students are re-evaluated. Additionally, students who fail a course for the 2nd quarter or 1st semester are ineligible for the first 2 weeks of the 3rd quarter. Students who fail the 3rd quarter are ineligible for the first two weeks of the 4th quarter.

Although no student who is failing a class can compete, the coach and/or teacher(s) may also decide that a particular student is ineligible because of generally poor academic performance.

Finally, in order to participate in a game, a student-athlete must be in regular school attendance during the day on which the game is to be played.

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