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We are excited to have you come to Chinquapin Prep to tell students about your college! We encourage high school students of all ages to attend, but particularly juniors and seniors.

The best time for college visits is 2:50-3:40, when high school students have electives and study hall. Other times that can be arranged are lunch, 12:00-12:50, and the seniors' seminar period, 12:55-1:45. All of these times are for Monday through Thursday. Because of a unique Friday block rotation, it is very difficult to schedule visits for Fridays.

Admission counselors can now go to to schedule an appointment with our high school.

If none of the available times work, please let our Director of College Counseling know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please note our campus is located about thirty minutes east of downtown Houston.


College Readiness Program

Chinquapin Prep takes on a very hands-on approach in the college readiness process. Our program begins the moment students step foot at this campus. Starting in the middle school, class advisors and school leaders begin talking to students about college and college planning. We stress the importance of academic success and community service and giving back, Quid Pro Quo. In high school, we invite and take students to attend college fairs in the Houston and surrounding areas. Colleges and universities from all over the United States visit our campus to visit with our students and to talk about their individual programs and financial aid opportunities.

Moreover, Chinquapin Prep carefully plans a college readiness schedule so that students are right on track for ACT and SAT college entrance exams. When students become juniors, they begin to work on their résumés, college lists, and college essays. Also, our students are thoughtfully paired with teachers so that they may serve as college advisors.

As seniors, our students take a College Readiness Seminar class where the College Counselor guides students through the entire college application process. The College Counselor works with students one-on-one - s/he writes recommendation letters, makes phone calls for students, helps mail/email materials out to schools, reminds students of deadlines, and supports the students every way possible. Students have this dedicated time to fully focus on completing and submitting applications during the fall semester. Seniors will switch focus to financial aid and scholarship applications during the spring semester. Lastly, we celebrate students acceptances as we begin to hear back from schools!



  1. Take a practice PSAT
  2. Attend college admissions presentations



  1. Take the PSAT in the fall
  2. Take an SAT Prep Course in the spring to prepare students for the 11th grade fall PSAT
  3. Attend college admissions presentations
  4. Take 1st SAT during summer



  1. Take the PSAT in the fall
  2. Advantage Testing tutoring every two weeks for ACT and/or SAT
  3. Take 2nd SAT during winter
  4. Spring semester
    1. Juniors write their college lists, where they name several "reach" schools, "good chance" schools, and "safety net" schools
    2. Juniors begin working on their student résumés. They use a résumé format that is easily transferrable to the Common Application and Apply Texas platforms
    3. Juniors are matched with a teacher advisor who will be their main point of contact for essay revisions and letters of recommendation.
  5. Entrance Exams options for Juniors to consider:
    1. If the student performed well on the SAT, then they can consider taking an SAT II Subject Test
    2. If the student did not perform as well they would have liked then they may try taking the ACT
    3. If the student scored somewhere in the "middle," then s/he can choose to retake the ACT or SAT



  1. Take a seminar course, where students dedicate time to fill out applications, ask the Director of College Counseling questions, make phone calls, obtain transcripts, etc.
  2. Apply to fly-in programs
  3. Attend college admissions presentations
  4. Entrance Exam options for Seniors to consider:
    1. If the student performed well on the SAT and SAT IIs, then s/he can try to retake either
    2. If the student performed well on SAT/ACT, and s/he has not taken SAT IIs, then s/he may take SAT IIs if colleges require
    3. If the student wishes to improve either the SAT or ACT, then s/he may retake either



  1. Parent Education Program
    1. Parents meet once a month on campus
    2. Director of College Counseling presents various topics, including the college admissions process, financial aid issues, what our College Readiness program offers, etc.



  1. Most faculty members are involved in the college admissions process by serving as an advisor to one or two students
  2. Teachers serve as general advisors, recommendation letter writers, and essay revisers
  3. Teachers also help students with finding scholarships and other relevant opportunities according to student interests


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