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Welcome from Athletic Director

Welcome to the Chinquapin Preparatory School Athletic Program, home of the Burrs. Chinquapin finds athletics to be an enriching and rewarding outlet for our student athletes.  I would like to re-introduce myself as the new Athletic Director for the Chinquapin Preparatory School.  My name is Michael Scrutchin and I have been associated with Chinquapin for over 25 years.  I am a proud alum of Chinquapin’s class of 1995 and I am happy to return to help build the community and family that is Chinquapin.

The life lessons learned on the fields or the courts will be values that our student athletes will carry with them in the classroom, workplace and households for the rest of their lives.  Our coaches will help to foster the student athlete’s honor, respect, character, responsibility and accountability.  Our student athletes will leave our program knowing the importance of honoring the game, themselves and their opponents.

Chinquapin Preparatory School is normally part of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).  We normally play for District and State Honors as well as playoff berths.  This year however, we will play an independent schedule for both High School Varsity and Junior High schedules.

Having been virtual due to COVID for over one and a half years and essentially not participating in sports for almost two years, I feel it is extremely important for both continuity and safety to ease our way back into a competitive skill set.  The same level of commitment is required during this one-year independent season that would be necessary with a full Varsity schedule.  Chinquapin is a college preparatory school and academics are first and foremost in our priorities.  We expect you to live up to your commitment and responsibility to the team and remain eligible to play.

Parents, you are our greatest assets.  Your support, encouragement, and commitment is greatly wanted and needed in order for us to have successful seasons.  There will be new protocols in place moving forward in order to participate in athletics.  An Athletic Handbook will be posted on our athletic page by the start of the school year.  All Rankone Online forms must be filled out and submitted through the Rankone portal in order for the student athlete to compete.  There are links on our athletic page that will lead you to the online forms on Rankone.  Please follow the step-by-step instructions included in order to establish an account and complete the forms.  If you already have an account, then just complete the online forms for the new year.

I look forward to working with you and your student athlete in person this year and in building a great athletic program.  Safety for our student athletes is extremely important.  We are working to train coaches in first aid and safety protocols.  We are also working with TAPPS, UTMB, NFHS, and the CDC in order to find ways and establish protocols to defend against COVID-19 as much as possible. We will take all precautions at that time to ensure that your student athlete remains as safe as possible.

Thank you for your involvement,

Michael Scrutchin

Athletic Director



Bienvenida del Director de Atletismo

Bienvenidos al Programa Atlético de la Escuela Preparatoria Chinquapin, hogar de los Burrs. Chinquapin considera que el atletismo es una salida enriquecedora y gratificante para nuestros estudiantes atletas. Me gustaría volver a presentarme como el nuevo Director de Atletismo para la Escuela Preparatoria de Chinquapin. Mi nombre es Michael Scrutchin y he estado asociado con Chinquapin durante más de 25 años. Soy un graduado de la clase 1995 de Chinquapin y estoy feliz de regresar para ayudar a construir la comunidad y familia que es Chinquapin.

Las lecciones de vida aprendidas en los campos o canchas serán valores que nuestros estudiantes deportistas llevarán consigo en el aula, lugar de trabajo y hogares por el resto de sus vidas. Nuestros entrenadores ayudarán a formar al estudiante con honor, respeto, carácter, responsabilidad y rendición de cuentas. Nuestros estudiantes atletas dejarán nuestro programa sabiendo la importancia de honrar el juego, a ellos mismos y a sus oponentes.

Chinquapin es una escuela preparatoria para la universidad y lo académico es lo primero y más importante en nuestras prioridades. Esperamos que el estudiante esté a la altura de su compromiso y responsabilidad con el equipo y siga siendo elegible para jugar. Es extremadamente importante tanto para la continuidad como para la seguridad facilitar nuestro camino de regreso a un conjunto de habilidades competitivas. Se requiere el mismo nivel de compromiso durante esta temporada independiente de un año que sería necesario con un equipo universitario completo.

Habiendo sido virtual debido a COVID durante más de un año y medio y esencialmente sin participar en deportes durante casi dos años, creo que la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes atletas es extremadamente importante. Estamos trabajando para capacitar a los entrenadores en primeros auxilios y protocolos de seguridad. También estamos trabajando con TAPPS, UTMB, NFHS y los CDC para encontrar formas y establecer protocolos para defender contra COVID-19 tanto como sea posible. Tomaremos todas las precauciones en ese momento para asegurarnos de que su estudiante atleta permanezca lo más seguro posible.

Padres, ustedes son nuestra mayor posesión. Su apoyo, aliento y compromiso son muy deseados y necesarios para que tengamos temporadas exitosas. Habrá nuevos protocolos en marcha para poder participar en atletismo. Se publicará un manual atlético en nuestra página atlética al comienzo del año escolar. Todo será por RankOne en línea, los formularios deben completarse y enviarse a través del portal RankOne para que el estudiante pueda competir. Existen enlaces en nuestra página de atletismo que lo llevarán a los formularios en línea de RankOne. Siga las instrucciones paso a paso. Incluido con el fin de establecer una cuenta y completar los formularios. Si ya tiene una cuenta, simplemente complete los formularios en línea para el nuevo año.

Espero trabajar con usted y su estudiante atleta en persona este año y en la construcción de un gran programa atlético. La seguridad

La Escuela Preparatoria Chinquapin es normalmente parte de la Asociación de Escuelas Privadas y Parroquiales de Texas (TAPPS). Nosotros normalmente jugamos para los honores del distrito y del estado, así como para los puestos en los playoffs. Este año, sin embargo, jugaremos horarios independientes para los dos equipos de High School Varsity y Junior High.

Gracias por tu participación

Michael Scrutchin

Director de Atlétismo



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Athletics Program

Our Athletics program continues to be an enriching outlet for students, and it provides numerous opportunities for character building and leadership roles. The skills provided by our coaches are transferable from the field of play to all realms of leadership possibilities.

Chinquapin Preparatory School is a member of the Texas Association of Private Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and participates in the following athletics:

  • JH and Varsity Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball (Fall)
  • Flag Football (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Soccer (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Cross Country (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Girls Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Track and Field (Spring)
  • Tennis (Spring)

Academic Eligibility

Because Chinquapin students’ first priority is to their academic classes, student-athletes must maintain their grades in order to play with the team. Students may become ineligible to play if any two of the following conditions occur:

  1. The student is failing one or more classes (a grade lower than 60%),
  2. The student has an overall GPA of lower than 72.5% OR
  3. The student has three Ds (60-69).

Any student deemed ineligible will not be allowed to compete in athletic events for a period of two weeks, starting the following week. Although they are not allowed to participate in or travel to official games, students may still practice during their probationary two weeks. After two weeks, students are re-evaluated. Additionally, students who fail a course for the 2nd quarter or 1st semester are ineligible for the first two weeks of the 3rd quarter. Students who fail the 3rd quarter are ineligible for the first two weeks of the 4th quarter. 

Although no student who is failing a class can compete, the coach and/or teacher(s) may also decide that a particular student is ineligible because of generally poor academic performance.

Finally, in order to participate in a game, a student-athlete must be in regular school attendance during the day on which the game is to be played.

For more information, email our Athletic Director.

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