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Dear Chinquapin Community,

After consultation with Chinquapin’s Executive Director, TAPPS, other Athletic Directors and the research from NFHS, CDC and Harris County Public Health, I am announcing Chinquapin’s decision to cancel all athletics competitions for fall sports. Chinquapin wholeheartedly believes athletics has an integral part in the student’s overall development.  The decision to cancel the upcoming fall athletic season was made from the standpoint of public health, that prioritizes the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community. Today’s decision affects only boys’ and girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ cross country and flag football.  Boys’ and girls’ basketball and boys’ and girls’ soccer are winter sports, and a decision about their schedules will be made at a later date.

Our decision was made due to the concern of the growing number of COVID cases in the communities that Chinquapin serves.  The Chinquapin Athletic Department would like to get a better grasp and understanding on the current state of Distance Learning and how that affects the athletic program before committing to a varsity level schedule.  The cancellation of District play will lead to opportunities to further develop our skills within the safety of our campus once we are face to face again.

We understand the decision to cancel the fall season may be greatly disappointing for our student-athletes, coaches, parents and overall community. We were all looking forward to our opportunity for growth and possibilities of advancement in District play with TAPPS.  The cancellation of the fall athletics season will leave a void in the bonding and leadership opportunities for our student-athletes.  Be assured, however, that Chinquapin will continue to support our student-athletes and our overall community while we are living through COVID. The Chinquapin Athletics Department is consulting with local health authorities, TAPPS and other Athletic Departments about how to maintain student-athlete health while providing strength and conditioning programs once we return to face to face status as a campus.

We are grateful to the Chinquapin coaches, faculty and staff for their leadership and commitment to our immediate and overall community and, especially, to our student-athletes. Their willingness to remain extremely flexible and open to adapting to the unpredictable environment that has accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 

Michael Scrutchin MSSCL

Athletic and Facilities Director


Estimada comunidad de Chinquapin,

Después de consultar con la directora ejecutiva de Chinquapin,  TAPPS, y otros directores atléticos, y los puntos de data del NFHS, CDC y la salud pública del condado de Harris, anuncio la decisión de Chinquapin de cancelar todas las competencias atléticas para los deportes del otoño. Chinquapin cree de todo corazón que el atletismo es una parte íntegra del desarrollo del estudiante. La decisión de cancelar la temporada atlética se hizo desde la perspectiva de la salud pública que prioriza la salud y la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, facultad, personal y comunidad. Está decisión solamente afecta el vóleibol masculino y femenino,  cross country masculino y femenino y flag football.  El baloncesto masculino y femenino son deportes de invierno y esa decisión se tomará en una fecha futura.

Basamos esta decisión en el número creciente de casos de COVID en las comunidades que servimos. Antes de tomar una decisión acerca del horario de deportes de varsity nos gustaría tener mejor comprensión de cómo funciona aprendizaje a distancia y cómo eso afectará el programa atlético. La cancelación del distrito de partidos nos dará oportunidad de mejorar nuestras destrezas dentro de la seguridad del campus una vez que comencemos clase en persona. 

Entendemos que la decisión de cancelar la temporada de otoño puede ser altamente decepcionante para nuestros alumnos-atletas, entrenadores, padres y para toda la comunidad. Todos estamos anticipando la oportunidad de crecer y las posibilidades de avanzar en los partidos del Distrito con  TAPPS.  La cancelación de la temporada dejará un vacío en las oportunidades de unión y de liderazgo estudiantil para nuestros estudiantes-atletas. Esté seguro, sin embargo, que Chinquapin continuará apoyando los estudiantes-atletas y toda la comunidad mientras estemos viviendo este momento de COVID. El Departamento atlético de Chinquapin está consultando con las autoridades locales de salud,  TAPPS y otros Departamentos atléticos sobre cómo mantener la salud de los estudiantes-atletas mientras proveemos programas de acondicionamiento una vez que volvamos a tener clases en persona.

Agradecemos mucho a los entrenadores, la facultad y el personal de Chinquapin por su liderazgo y compromiso con nuestra comunidad inmediata, especialmente con los estudiantes-atletas. Su disposición a ser extremadamente flexible y abiertos para adaptarse al ambiente impredecible que ha acompañado la pandemia de COVID-19 es altamente agradecida. 



Michael Scrutchin MSSCL

Director atlético y de facilidades

Athletics Program

Our Athletics program continues to be an enriching outlet for students, and it provides numerous opportunities for character building and leadership roles. The skills provided by our coaches are transferable from the field of play to all realms of leadership possibilities.

Chinquapin Preparatory School is a member of the Texas Association of Private Parochial Schools (TAPPS) and participates in the following athletics:

  • JH and Varsity Girls Volleyball (Fall)
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball (Fall)
  • Flag Football (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Soccer (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Cross Country (Fall)
  • JH and Varsity Boys Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Girls Basketball (Winter)
  • JH and Varsity Track and Field (Spring)
  • Tennis (Spring)

Academic Eligibility

Because Chinquapin students’ first priority is to their academic classes, student-athletes must maintain their grades in order to play with the team. Students may become ineligible to play if any two of the following conditions occur:

  1. The student is failing one or more classes (a grade lower than 60%),
  2. The student has an overall GPA of lower than 72.5% OR
  3. The student has three Ds (60-69).

Any student deemed ineligible will not be allowed to compete in athletic events for a period of two weeks, starting the following week. Although they are not allowed to participate in or travel to official games, students may still practice during their probationary two weeks. After two weeks, students are re-evaluated. Additionally, students who fail a course for the 2nd quarter or 1st semester are ineligible for the first two weeks of the 3rd quarter. Students who fail the 3rd quarter are ineligible for the first two weeks of the 4th quarter. 

Although no student who is failing a class can compete, the coach and/or teacher(s) may also decide that a particular student is ineligible because of generally poor academic performance.

Finally, in order to participate in a game, a student-athlete must be in regular school attendance during the day on which the game is to be played.

For more information, email our Athletic Director.

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