Boarding Vision

Chinquapin’s mission is to help students prepare for college and also to be strong members of their community. As such, we offer five-day a week boarding so our students have the support they need to be successful, the opportunity to build strong relationships, and the skills to be independent. Res Life offers programing that helps students get to know one another, get academic help, and meet mentors and community members who can inspire them.

Why students board?


Convenient and reduces transportation issues

no missing the bus/being late, no absences due to car trouble


Allows students to get more sleep

saving time on the bus/commuting, structured bedtime and breakfast times for roughly 8+ hours of sleep.


Allows for focused time and support for academics

 2 hours of study hall with teacher support and help available, reliable wifi, access to computers for homework, ability to ask for help/get tutoring.


Enables independence

learning to make good decisions, time management, personal responsibility, being a good roommate and community member, preparing for life in college dorms.


To be part of the community

and develop deep relationships with fellow students and staff who are supportive of student dreams and goals.


  • High school boys – mandatory
  • High school girls – optional
  • 7th and 8th grade boys – optional with approval
  • 8th grade girls – optional with approval
  • 6th grade boys and 6th/7th grade girls (demonstrated need)

Why do students enjoy boarding?

  • Students tell us that they feel closer to their teachers and peers and they learn how to live more independently.
  • Students experience living in a dorm with friends in a safe place.
  • Students form meaningful connections that stay with them for the rest of their lives.
  • The structured schedule allows students to seek the help and support they need.
  • Getting more sleep and spending fewer hours on the bus.

Boarding Schedule

7:00 am wake-up
7:15 am breakfast
8:15 am classes begin
11:30 am lunch
5:20 pm school day ends / free time begins
6:00 pm dinner
7:00 pm study hall
9:00 pm free fime
10:00 pm all students in the dorms
10:30 pm middle school bedtime
11:15 pm high school bedtime

Monday through Friday; students return home for the weekend.


  • Res Life Staff live in apartments inside the dorms and are available/on-call throughout the night.
  • There is always a staff member on duty.
  • Attendance (breakfast, classes, lunch, supper, study hall, and two check-ins in the evening) is taken daily.
  • Dorm captains who help host events, mentor students, and ensure good community.
  • Nighttime security guard.


Res Life programming includes family potlucks and other special events. Sample events from the past year include: slam poetry around a campfire; Christmas cooking + baking; rides to Ash Wednesday service; Easter egg hunt; dinners with dorm parents; movie + games nights, and more!


Our application deadline (for fall 2019) has passed. If you are interested in submitting a late application, please contact us directly.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS

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