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Update: Asynchronous Lessons for Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17

Date: 15 September 2021

Dear Chinquapinians-

We hope you are safe and sound and the storm did not have a major impact on you and your family. We understand many community members have lost power and/or wifi access, so logging into GoogleMeets would only add additional stress. Chinquapin is adding additional asynchronous lessons: Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17 are also asynchronous days. This means you’re able to get to the assignments when you’ve had the opportunity to focus on school. Teachers are hoping to post all Thursday and Friday assignments on Thursday. Doing this will make Friday a day to focus on completing asynchronous assignments.

Don’t forget, it’s important that students check your email! This is how teachers will communicate with you about the asynchronous lesson for their class.

Why is Chinquapin choosing Asynchronous? 

  • We recognize that students/faculty may still be navigating this weather event (including power outages and little to no access to wifi/internet)
  • We want to avoid taking days off of fall break or adding them to the end of the year
  • We believe going asynchronous is the best way to provide students/faculty flexibility without seriously affecting the calendar for the coming months.
  • We recognize doing asynchronous lessons on Thursday and Friday means students/faculty only have one additional lesson per course to do in this format and it doesn’t interfere with the block day rotation.

What does Asynchronous mean for students?

  • Students log into Google Classroom for each class (including PE and Electives) Students do not log into GoogleMeets on asynchronous days.
  • Students complete the assignment (following the instructions provided by the teacher) and turn it into Google Classroom
  • Students have additional time to complete the asynchronous lesson and may be given several days to complete the assignment
  • Students will need to communicate directly with their teacher if they are having difficulty completing the assignment and/or they are having connectivity issues.

Remember, if you’re unable to complete the assignments by the deadline, work with your teachers to receive extensions. There are also no club or community meetings, study halls, or additional school obligations scheduled for Thursday or Friday.  All activities have been canceled or postponed due to the storm.

Thank you for your flexibility! Stay safe!


Dorothy Scrutchin, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Distance Learning all week!  Join your classes, study halls, and club meetings virtually. If you have technical difficulties or can’t log on due to the storm, please contact the office (Berenice bzavala@chinquapin.org) to let us know.

Tuesday 9.14.21 

Regular Schedule

Wednesday 9.15.21

Regular Schedule

Thursday 9.16.21 A block day with study hall and flex times

GoogleMeets will be sent for afternoon study hall-2:50 for HS and 3:45 for MS. No meets will be scheduled for flex time unless that’s when you have a class or club/group meeting.

Ladies of Chinquapin 12:30-1:15 

Men’s Group 12:25-1:15

Friday 9.17.21 B block day

Class Meetings: Class Advisors will share the meet link

11:30 MS Lunch and HS Class Meetings

12:20 HS Lunch and MS Class Meetings


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