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The soccer girls are meeting in Sarah’s classroom during P.E

For fire safety, the fire marshal requires that we relocate or remove
all decorations, posters, sign-up sheets, etc., from all Chinquapin
exit doors. Do it today. Starting Wednesday, any items found on exit
doors will be removed and thrown away.

The Bible study group will meet on Wednesday at 5:30 in the
multi-purpose room. Everyone is welcome!!

The Ladies of Chinquapin will meet on Thursday during lunch. Remember
Girls Inc. and field trip permission forms.

This week’s advisory will focus on Creativity Week project proposals. Be thinking about what might make a great creativity week project so that you can have a fully elaborated proposal ready to turn in by the end of advisory on Friday!

A few reminders for when you have crew:
Stay for the full time until excused by a captain. Go to the front of the line if you want a tray (don’t wait with friends in the back of the line). Come dressed ready for crew. No sandals! It is your responsibility to notify the teacher that you have crew and need to leave class early. Thank you!

We have a quartet of Burrs of the Week this week! All were nominated by Jordan for helping take the trash from the big outdoor trash cans to the dumpster at the end of Family Fair. So – Hannah, Mia, Estela and Ethan – be sure to skip to the front of the lunch line this week with a friend. Congratulations!




















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