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Q: How much does it cost to attend Chinquapin Prep?

A: Most of the students’ tuition at Chinquapin Prep is paid for by our contributors, but a small amount is charged per student for tuition, room, board and transportation. This sliding scale fee is based on a confidential income statement, and ranges from $40 to $325+ per month, with the majority paying $50 or less. To help cover this cost, students may work extra hours on campus in addition to their daily chores.

Q: How many students apply to Chinquapin Prep?

A: It is not unusual to have over 200 applicants competing for roughly 30 openings each year. Make sure to show up to recruiting meetings on time, and plan to be there for a few hours.

Q: What if my child is not accepted to Chinquapin Prep?

A: Any child not accepted to Chinquapin Prep may re-apply the following spring. Applications do not carry over to the next year, so the entire recruiting meeting/summer session process must be completed in order to be reconsidered.

Q: What are the bus stop locations and times?

A: Stops may vary slightly from year to year depending on where our students live, but you can view our current bus routes for 6th grade students, 7-12th grade girls, and 7th-12th grade boys by clicking here.

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