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Update: Asynchronous Lessons for Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17

Date: 15 September 2021

Dear Chinquapinians-

We hope you are safe and sound and the storm did not have a major impact on you and your family. We understand many community members have lost power and/or wifi access, so logging into GoogleMeets would only add additional stress. Chinquapin is adding additional asynchronous lessons: Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17 are also asynchronous days. This means you’re able to get to the assignments when you’ve had the opportunity to focus on school. Teachers are hoping to post all Thursday and Friday assignments on Thursday. Doing this will make Friday a day to focus on completing asynchronous assignments.

Don’t forget, it’s important that students check your email! This is how teachers will communicate with you about the asynchronous lesson for their class.

Why is Chinquapin choosing Asynchronous? 

  • We recognize that students/faculty may still be navigating this weather event (including power outages and little to no access to wifi/internet)
  • We want to avoid taking days off of fall break or adding them to the end of the year
  • We believe going asynchronous is the best way to provide students/faculty flexibility without seriously affecting the calendar for the coming months.
  • We recognize doing asynchronous lessons on Thursday and Friday means students/faculty only have one additional lesson per course to do in this format and it doesn’t interfere with the block day rotation.

What does Asynchronous mean for students?

  • Students log into Google Classroom for each class (including PE and Electives) Students do not log into GoogleMeets on asynchronous days.
  • Students complete the assignment (following the instructions provided by the teacher) and turn it into Google Classroom
  • Students have additional time to complete the asynchronous lesson and may be given several days to complete the assignment
  • Students will need to communicate directly with their teacher if they are having difficulty completing the assignment and/or they are having connectivity issues.

Remember, if you’re unable to complete the assignments by the deadline, work with your teachers to receive extensions. There are also no club or community meetings, study halls, or additional school obligations scheduled for Thursday or Friday.  All activities have been canceled or postponed due to the storm.  

Thank you for your flexibility! Stay safe!


Dorothy Scrutchin, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Chinquapin Preparatory School 

Reopening Campus 2021-2022

Chinquapin continues to monitor reports discussing the spread of COVID-19 and receives regular guidance and updates from local, state and federal agencies regarding response, prevention, and mitigation efforts. The following visual details new protocols we have in place to resume on campus operations.

Chinquapin will not require COVID-19 vaccinations for day students, because Texas is a religious and philosophical exemption state. Keep in mind there will be social distancing and mask policies in place that all students must adhere to in order to attend in-person. Since Boarding is a voluntary portion of programming, all students living in the dorms will be required to be fully vaccinated. 

We understand the negative impact COVID-19 has had on our community and we remain committed to raising awareness about vaccinations and will continue to encourage faculty/staff, students, and families to get vaccinated. Chinquapin will initiate a COVID-19 response and isolation plan in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case on campus. COVID-19 contact tracing and reporting will take place. Anonymity will be maintained and community members will be notified via email.

COVID-19 Daily Screening: All parents/students, faculty and staff will be required to self-screen daily prior to entering campus or boarding Chinquapin transportation.

Parents/Students click here!

Faculty/Staff click here!

Temperature Checks: Daily morning temperature checks will be performed before entering Chinquapin transportation and before entering classrooms. Car riders will have temperature checks before getting out of their cars.
Transportation: Families are encouraged to provide transportation during the pandemic. Chinquapin transportation will be provided for day students (Monday through Friday) and boarding students (Monday and Friday). All students and faculty/staff must wear masks while on Chinquapin buses. Due to social distancing protocols, spaces are limited and students will be assigned seating.
Arrival/Dismissal: Traffic will enter the east gate near the office. This is the bus loading zone. Buses will enter and exit on this side of campus. Car riders will enter the east gate and drive around campus to exit using the west gate. Keep in mind, this is to help ease of traffic flow and to help maintain safety during arrival and dismissal times.
Mask Policy: Masks are required on buses and in classrooms, buildings, and shared spaces.
Social Distancing: Students and faculty/staff will be asked to socially distance when feasible.
Campus Cleaning: Campus will be cleaned throughout the instructional day and during the evening. Classrooms will be equipped for cleaning between transitions of students and changing of classes. Chores will be used as a time to deep clean at the end of the school day.
Meals: Students will use hand sanitizer before entering the service line. Students will be required to wear masks while waiting in line, being served, returning trays, and throwing away trash and recycling. Meals have been separated into two groups (MS and HS). During lunch, tables will be designated for different grade levels to help with social distancing. Dining hall and kitchen spaces will be cleaned during and after each meal service.
Visitors/Deliveries: In order to limit exposure, visitors will be required to get temperature checks in the office before signing in. Families will not have access to classrooms or the dining hall/kitchen throughout the school day. To ensure the safety of students and faculty/staff, no outside deliveries for students will be accepted. *No visitors will be allowed during meals.
Instruction: Chinquapin is providing in-person instruction and synchronous virtual instruction in a hybrid setting.  Families will select in-person or virtual per quarter (Q1-July, Q2-October, Q3-December, Q4-March). There will almost certainly be situations that necessitate temporary school closure(s) due to positive COVID-19 cases. All students will be trained to use Chinquapin technology in case the need arises to switch to distance learning.

Technology: Chinquapin is a 1:1 campus with every student having a laptop. Students must use headphones during instruction. This will help with hybrid instruction where students in-person and virtual can interact and engage in the same class. All students will log into the classroom portal for instruction.

Escuela Preparatoria Chinquapin

Reabriendo la Instalación 2021-2022

Chinquapin continúa monitoreando los reportes que hablan sobre la expansión de COVID-19 y recibimos guianza regular y actualizaciones de parte local,estatal y agencias federales en relación a respuestas,prevención,y esfuerzo de mitigación. La siguiente visualización detalla protocolos nuevos que tenemos en pie para resumir operaciones en la instalación.

Chinquapin no va a requerir vacunas de COVID-19 para estudiantes de dia,debido a que Texas es un estado exento en religión y filosóficamente.Mantenga en mente que va a existir distanciamiento social y pólizas de mascarillas en pie, a las cuales todos los estudiantes deben de obedecer para poder asistir en-persona.Devido a que el hospedaje es una parte voluntaria de la programación, a todos los estudiantes que vivirán en los dormitorios se les requiere estar completamente vacunados. 

Nosotros entendemos el impacto negativo que COVID-19 ha tenido en nuestra comunidad y nosotros nos mantenemos comprometidos a levantar un conocimiento sobre las vacunas y continuaremos animando a la facultad/personal, estudiantes, y familias a que se vacunen. Chinquapin va a iniciar un plan de respuesta y aislamiento de COVID-19 en dado caso de que se sospeche de un caso de COVID-19 en la instalación. Rastreo de contacto y reportes de COVID-19 se llevarán a cabo.Se mantendrá la anonimidad y los miembros de la comunidad serán notificados vía correo electrónico.

COVID-19 Evaluación Diaria: TODOS padres/estudiantes,facultad y personal van a requerir una evaluación de sí-mismo diariamente antes de entrar en la instalación o al abordar el transporte de Chinquapin.

Padres/Estudiantes presione aqui!

Facultad/Personal presione aqui!

Revisión de Temperatura: Revisiones diarias de temperatura por la mañana se llevarán a cabo antes de entrar en el transporte de Chinquapin y antes de entrar en los salones de clase.Los estudiantes que viajan en carro tendrán revisión de temperatura antes de bajar de su carro.
Transporte: Se le anima a las familias a proveer transporte durante la pandemia.Se proveera trasporte de Chinquapin a los estudiantes de dia(Lunes a Viernes)y los estudiantes que abordaron(Lunes y Viernes). Todos los estudiantes y facultad/personal deben usar mascarillas en los autobuses de Chinquapin.Debido a el protocolo de distanciamiento social,los espacios son limitados y se le asignara el asiento a los estudiantes.


El tráfico entrará en la puerta/reja de lado este cerca de la oficina.Esta es la zona de embancamiento de autobuses.Los autobuses entraran y saldran en este lado de la instalación.Los estudiantes que viajan en carro entrarán en la puerta/reja de el lado este y manejaran alrededor de la instalación para salir usando la reja/puerta del lado oeste.Mantenga en mente, que esto es para facilitar el fluir del tránsito y para ayudar a mantener la seguridad durante los horarios de llegada y de partida.

Póliza de Mascarillas: Las mascarillas son requeridas en los autobuses y en los salones de clase,edificios, y espacios compartidos.
Distanciamiento Social : Se le pedirá a los estudiantes y facultad/personal que mantengan una distancia social cuando sea viable.
Limpieza de Instalación: La instalación se limpiará a través de el dia de instrucción y durante la tarde.Los salones de clase estarán equipados para limpieza entre la transición de estudiantes y el cambio de clases.Quehaceres o “chores” se usará como un tiempo de limpieza profunda al final del día escolar.
Covid:Los estudiantes usarán desinfectante de manos antes de entrar en la linea de servicio.Se va a requerir que los estudiantes usen su mascarilla mientras están esperando en la línea,mientras les sirven,cuando regresen sus bandejas,y cuando tiren su basura y reciclaje.Las comidas han sido separadas en dos grupos(MS and HS).Durante el almuerzo se asignaran las mesas para los diferentes grados para ayudar con el distanciamiento social.El salón del comedor y los espacios de la cocina se limpiaran durante y después de cada servicio de comida.
Visitantes/Entregas : Para limitar la exposición,se va a requerir que los visitantes obtengan una revisión de temperatura en la oficina antes de registrarse.Las familias no tendrán acceso a los salones de clase o el salón del comedor/cocina durante el día escolar.Para asegurar la seguridad de los estudiantes y facultad/personal,no se aceptará ninguna entrega exterior para los estudiantes. *No se va a permitir visitantes durante  la comida.

Instrucción: Chinquapin esta proporcionando instrucción en-persona e instrucción virtual sincronizada en un escenario híbrido. Las familias van a seleccionar en-persona o virtual por trimestre(Q1-Julio, Q2-Octubre, Q3-Diciembre, Q4-Marzo).Quizás llegue a haber situaciones donde sea necesario cerrar la escuela temporalmente debido a casos positivos de COVID-19.Todos los estudiantes serán entrenados para usar la tecnología de Chinquapin en caso de que resulte la necesidad de cambiar a un aprendizaje a distancia.


Chinquapin es una instalación de 1:1 donde cada estudiante tiene una computadora portátil.Los estudiantes deben de usar audífonos durante la instrucción.Esto va ayudar en la instrucción híbrida donde estudiantes en-persona y estudiantes virtuales podrán interactuar e involucrarse en la misma clase.Todos los estudiantes se van a registrar en el portal de la clase para la instrucción.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS

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