Chinquapin Association of Parents and Students


The stated mission of CAPS is to:

  1.  Be involved in our children’s lives
  2.  Plan school activities
  3.  Volunteer our time to better our school
  4.  Have a voice in our school



Membership dues are $5 per family. Officers are elected at the beginning of each school year.



CAPS meets once a month on Saturday mornings at the school. Annual events include:

  1.  2 school clean-up days
  2.  A parent/faculty/student Christmas dinner
  3.  A teacher appreciation dinner
  4.  A cultural festival held at the annual school Visitor’s Day
  5.  An end of the year party for seniors and the student body and their families
  6.  Fundraisers like raffles and breakfast taco sales to raise money for the various events



PRESIDENT – Claudia Dufrene

VICE PRESIDENT – Anthony Funes

SECRETARY – Bobbie Lara

TREASURER – Claribel Chicas


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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2615 E. Wallisville Rd.
Highlands, TX 77562

(281) 426-5551

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