A Second Family

Ask any student or alumnus to name the biggest difference between public school and Chinquapin Prep, and more often than not, he or she will say, “the faculty.”

Throughout the day, Chinquapin’s faculty and staff can be seen meeting one-on-one with students about a difficult concept or personal problem, chatting with students about music or books, pitching in during chores, or playing basketball during a free moment. In the classroom, Chinquapin’s faculty members challenge their students to strive for excellence, to be curious, to question and analyze, to reflect about themselves and the world, and to grow. Chinquapin faculty and staff see themselves as leaders who can promote ethical conduct and humane relationships. What sets them apart? “They care,” many students will tell you, “They’re like a second family.”

Always There

Almost all Chinquapin Prep teachers reside on campus and make themselves available to students. Our teachers do more than educate: They are also mentors, counselors, and friends. The small class sizes paired with easy access to our teachers create strong bonds. Chinquapin’s teachers are here to help students realize their academic and emotional potential.

Education Comes First

Our teachers practice what they preach. Educators must fulfill set development criteria each year. We promote continued intellectual growth and push our teachers to better themselves in the classroom by attending workshops and in-service instruction, enrolling in graduate programs, and signing up for activities that spark their interests. Students recognize and respect how our teachers model lifelong learning; they demand that their teachers be inspired educators rather than mere paid employees.

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