Director’s Note

Director’s Note

March 14, 2022

Dear Chinquapin community-

Happy Spring Break! Spring Break 2022 is exactly two years from the beginning of the pandemic at Chinquapin which altered our educational world.  We immediately began researching and asking ourselves “What can we do to continue teaching and learning without stopping?” We decided we would not wait and see with the rest of the schools, so Spring Break was extended for a couple of days in order to train and prepare for Distance Learning.  Protocols were established and put into place that provided synchronous learning which included technological devices for each student and technical support to ensure all students had access to classes daily.

During Spring 2021, the hybrid learning plan for the current school year was created with the understanding that a) vaccines for young people would not be available until later in the year, b) COVID rates would continue to fluctuate, c) changes to the schedule and campus expectations would provide safer transition back to in person learning, and d) enhancements to safety measures and protocols including construction to spaces, additional increased air quality devices, sanitization stations, upgraded cleaning chemicals, and hands-free temperature check stations. In addition, we committed to strategically work with Harris County Public Health to ensure our protocols and safety measures went above and beyond school requirements regarding COVID for the sake of our community.

Educational studies and our direct experiences from the past two years have demonstrated that the need for in person learning is vital for our students and our community. Students who are physically in the classroom are engaged and tend to participate more, are able to focus and stay motivated during instruction, and perform better overall in their classes and on assignments. This information has called for us to provide guidelines in order to phase out hybrid learning.  During Quarter 4 (March 23-May 26, 2022), we will only offer hybrid learning for the following instances:

  1. Any student who tests positive for COVID and must remain at home in order to quarantine. A copy of their positive test results must be submitted to the office. The quarantine period would be discussed with the family in accordance with the school reporting guidelines.
  2. Any student who is required to quarantine due to close contact with someone who tested positive.  Parents must call the office to make arrangements for the length of the required quarantine. 
  3. Any student who qualifies for an extended medical absence. Paperwork for extended medical absences is available through the deans.
  4. Any student who has a medical appointment, has pre-scheduled their appointment, and notified their teachers 24 hours in advance. Documentation for the appointment must be submitted to the office.

As per Chinquapin’s attendance policy in the student handbook, students who miss the bus, are traveling, or are sick with illnesses that do not require visits to the doctor will be counted absent. Students who are absent will be provided make-up work with the appropriate make-up time.  Sending students to campus when they are ill endangers the entire community; therefore, we continue to ask that you do not send students to school who are sick. Remember, students who are absent will work with their teachers to complete missed assignments and will have ample time. Please continue to bring all excuse notes to the office or email them to Berenice at bzavala@chinquapin.org. In addition, make sure students email their teachers when they are going to be absent.

Chinquapin understands we are still in the midst of the pandemic, and our current COVID protocols (https://chinquapin.org/covid-protocols/) including temperature checks, social distancing, and masking will remain in place! Our dynamic focus on culture and leadership requires a community in which everyone is invested in making each day a success by participating in the unique Chinquapin experience. We want all students back on campus, because we know our ability to serve students increases exponentially when students are in person.

We are grateful for your support and flexibility as Chinquapin continues to navigate best practices in order to adapt to the needs of our community during the pandemic. We look forward to Quarter 4 and remain committed to academic excellence and student success!


Dorothy Scrutchin, Ed.D.

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