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The path to a successful collegiate and professional career begins with a Houston low income college prep application for Chinquapin Prep.

Chinquapin Prep is an established, private college preparatory boarding and day school for hardworking determined students from Houston’s underserved communities. We are happy to be celebrating 50 years of inverting the income outcome disparity through a rigorous curriculum, character development and a consciousness of contribution and giving back.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality college-preparatory education to able and motivated youth from low-income families in the greater Houston area. Through rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on community service and earning what one receives, we aim to produce responsible, well-educated citizens who will become constructive leaders in their communities.

For nearly 50 years

Chinquapin Prep has provided economically disadvantaged youth from the Houston area with the opportunity for a better future through education.

who we are looking for:

Before filing your low income college prep application in Houston TX, it is important to first know the type of students we are looking for here at Chinquapin Prep. The following is a brief rundown on the prototypical Chinquapin Prep student.

  • We accept students who are gifted, highly motivated and plan on attending college. In fact, acceptance to a four-year collegiate program is required in order to graduate from Chinquapin Prep.
  • Our Houston low income college prep counseling and education program is focused on students and families who reside in underserved communities. They are bright students whose needs are not being met at their current schools.
  • Acceptance to Chinquapin Prep is merit-based, which is different from the typical charter school, which operates on a lottery system. This method of admissions makes your Houston low income college prep application all the more important.
  • Chinquapin Prep starts at sixth grade, where students can get involved in our low income college prep counseling in Houston TX. Starting in ninth grade, they are encouraged to stay in one of our single-sex dorms and live on campus throughout the week. This boarding school aspect intensifies Chinquapin’s educational offering and has a tremendously positive affect on our students.
  • Students who are accepted into our ranks don’t necessarily have to be at the top of their class in their existing school. We look for students with aptitude, demonstrated ability and leadership qualities. These are characteristics often overlooked when admissions is based solely on grades and test scores.

If your child fits this billing, we encourage you to connect with a member of our staff to complete a low income college prep application in Houston TX.

Focused on setting students up for success in college — and beyond

While traditional charter schools are focused on getting students to graduate and receiving their general education degrees, Chinquapin Prep equips students to find success at the next level.

With small class sizes and a rigorous curriculum, Chinquapin Prep emulates a college in many ways. This includes office hours for faculty, midterms and finals instead of STAAR testing and a sense of ownership in their own campus and school.

The effectiveness of our efforts lies in the numbers — 85 percent of our graduates go on to complete their college education and 36 percent of them pursue graduate work.

We invite you to give generously to Chinquapin Prep

As a privately funded institution, Chinquapin Prep relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to stay in operation and remaining accessible to low-income families.

Donations to the school mean that most families pay only a small portion of the $16,000 annual tuition. 

Whether you’re visiting with us today to complete a Houston low income college prep application, or to make a donation, we thank you for exploring all the exciting things we have going on at Chinquapin Prep.


The deadline has passed to apply for the 2020-2021 school year. Visit our Admissions page for information about the application process!


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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