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Chinquapin Prep offers a Houston boarding school campus leadership program and overall educational experience to equip young men and women for success in the ranks of college.

The history of our institution stems back 50 years, when Chinquapin Prep was established by St. John’s School faculty member Bob Moore, who wanted to bring a high-quality college preparatory experience to students of underserved families.

Since then, Chinquapin Prep has evolved into a co-ed, private college preparatory boarding and day school that sends every graduating senior to a four-year college or university. We have been led by just four directors over the past five decades and our school takes pride in its admirable faculty retention rate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality college-preparatory education to able and motivated youth from low-income families in the greater Houston area. Through rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on community service and earning what one receives, we aim to produce responsible, well-educated citizens who will become constructive leaders in their communities.

For nearly 50 years

Chinquapin Prep has provided economically disadvantaged youth from the Houston area with the opportunity for a better future through education.

creating a new crop of leaders

Chinquapin Prep provides a boarding school for campus leadership in Houston TX, emphasizing the skills needed to become leaders in the local community. While traditional education revolves around test scores and the knowledge of a particular subject, Chinquapin Prep knows the value of leadership skills and hard work.

That’s why many families choose our Houston boarding school for character building. It all starts in selecting the right students in our merit-based admissions format. We’re always looking for motivated and gifted students in underserved areas, but we look at other attributes as well.

The students who thrive in our boarding school for character building in Houston TX are those with aptitude, demonstrated ability and leadership qualities that we will work to enhance.

By housing our students on campus, which students work to maintain and care for, we are able to provide an immersive experience that:

  • Removes distraction
  • Allows increased study and service time
  • Develops strong bonds with teachers and fellow students
  • Helps in learning personal responsibility and how to thrive independently before they get to college

The students at Chinquapin Prep and our Houston boarding school campus leadership program have a genuine desire to make a difference in their communities. We equip them to do exactly that.

A curriculum that is proven to be effective

Our boarding school for campus leadership in Houston TX has proven to make an impact on the social and educational lives of our students. Just consider some of the following statistics.

  • Chinquapin Prep students outscore state SAT averages by 200 points and ACT averages by 20 percent.
  • 100 percent of graduating seniors are accepted into college — many into top-ranked schools like Harvard, MIT, Duke, Rice, UT, Stanford, Bryn Mawr, Smith, and Carleton.
  • The class of 2017 earned more than $700,000 collectively in awards, grants and scholarships.
  • In last three years:
    • Three students have received Gates Millennium Scholarships
    • 11 students have been named Posse Scholars by The Posse Foundation

This is not by chance. With a rigorous curriculum and faculty who provide the focused attention our students need, we guide our students toward success, both now and as they move on college.

We invite you to support our privately funded Houston boarding school campus leadership program by making a donation. This money goes to our operating budget and to continue providing economically disadvantaged families with a sliding tuition scale that allows them to pay what they can afford to gain access to the high-quality education offered at Chinquapin.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS

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