“There are two valuable life lessons that I learned from being a student at Chinquapin: believing in my gifts and my value as an individual and being resilient and self-reliant. In addition to the great education I received, these core values have helped me remain grounded throughout my life. In the early days of the school, we had few of the resources that students enjoy today, but what sustained us was our belief in Bob and Maxine Moore’s vision for us. We understood the meaning of “quid pro quo” and gladly gave back to the school through our labor that was critical to sustaining the school. Bob’s refusal to accept the inequities of the educational systems in Houston and his commitment to doing something about it, taught us the importance of thinking for ourselves.

Children of color, from low-income backgrounds need the nurturing that the school provides to learn to believe in themselves and resist the negative stereotypes and influences that often surrounded them in the inner city. What I gained from Chinquapin helped me overcome my fears and endure the lack of support, resistance, and attempts to undermine me that I encountered.”

-Bruce Manuel, Class of 1976


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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