English Curriculum

Essential Questions:

  • How does reading challenge my ideas?
  • How does thinking about reading affect my sense of who I am?
  • How can I learn from examining a writer’s strategies and effects?

An important part of the Chinquapin curriculum is the students’ immersion in two complementary courses in their early years, 6th Grade to 9th Grade, devoted to reading and writing in English. The Language Arts curriculum promotes an understanding of the writing process and the power inherent in written communication, sensitivity to the nuances of language and vocabulary, and an appreciation for standard usage and grammar. It also introduces students to effective research skills. The English curriculum seeks to foster a love of reading, to teach close reading for effective comprehension, and to engage students in critical thinking both about literature and their lives.

6th Reading
6th Language Arts
7th English
7th Language Arts
8th English
8th Language Arts
9th English I
9th Language Arts I
10th English II
10th Speech
11th AP Literature and Composition
12th AP Language and Composition


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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