Science Curriculum

By the time students graduate from Chinquapin, they have a true understanding of and appreciation for the natural world and how it works; they are well-practiced with science research skills; they are up-to-date with current science developments and discoveries; and they are well prepared for a deeper study of science in college. The middle school curriculum consists of an integrated science program incorporating life, earth, and physical sciences. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Environmental Science and AP Biology are offered in the high school.

In addition to traditional classroom work, Chinquapin offers the following “outdoor classroom” resources to help integrate the various sciences and provide hands-on science experiences:

  • Ten 9-square-foot vegetable gardens for use by 7th graders
  • 2 rainwater conservation tanks for watering the gardens
  • a 400-gallon fish pond
  • a small orchard of apple, pear, and grapefruit trees
  • a 400-foot nature trail in the forest behind the school
  • a bird blind for aviary observation
  • a greenhouse
  • a wetlands restoration project, called “Get Hip to Habitat,” where smooth cordgrass is grown on our campus and transplanted in Pierce Marsh in Galveston Bay
  • a compost bin for producing our own rich and fertile composted soil
  • a “Green” Faculty Residence Duplex with rainwater collection barrels and a 3.5kW solar panel array

6th Integrated Science I
7th Integrated Science II
8th Integrated Science III
9th Biology
9th Health
10th Chemistry
11th Physics
12th AP Environmental Science or AP Biology

Technology and Engineering
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By the time students graduate from Chinquapin, they have a true understanding and appreciation of the natural world and how it works, they are well practiced with science research skills, they are up to date with current science events and discoveries, and they are prepared to take any freshman college science course they desire.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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