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Chinquapin Preparatory School currently runs a mixed-platform environment, with Linux clients, Windows clients, and Apple clients. Our Internet services are filtered for content and adhere to CIPA regulations.

Chinquapin currently has a 1.2 student to computer ratio and a .64 student to mobile device ratio.

Chinquapin provides up to 20 netbooks to girls who establish a need as outlined in the Girls Netbook Loan Policy. These netbooks come with built-in 3G/LTE wireless Internet and are meant for girls who do not have Internet access off campus.


Tech Help for Students

  • Want to check your grades online?
  • Forgot your password for the computers or your e-mail account? – contact the IT Director




Tech Resources for Students and Parents

None of these services is monitored and/or affiliated with Chinquapin Preparatory School. End User agreements are between the end user (you the student, and/or website guest) and the company or entity who owns the product listed.


Chinquapin Prep is accredited by TAAPS


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